Smart Office Call Center

Due to the fact that our CRM is built on the basis of adaptive design, Your Call Center can become truly mobile, wireless, Smart Office. In other words, all you need to begin  work is a smartphone and headphones.

Incredible yes?

Real screenshots of interface

The benefits are obvious:

- The speed of integration (start call-center)  is fantastically fast. All you need is a WiFi system.

- You  can use even  an employee’s smartphones.

- No problems with wires and networks.

- Increases office capacity & reliability due to the lack of desks, monitors and other office equipment.

- Increases overall office reliability and environmental friendliness. After all, there are no wires that can be torn, no consuming appliances. The reserve fund is reduced to smartphones and headphones.

- It’s convenient for an agent to talk while moving around the office.

- They say moving is worse than fire! No - did not hear!

Смарт Офис WiFi  колл Центр

Theory is good!  How it looks in reality ?




* Interesting security option "Hide phone fo Agents":

Today we hired a new employee, and the security department decided not to show him the customer numbers yet.

No problems.




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